List of PreK - 3 Wikis

The following list is for PreK-3 classroom and teacher wiki sites. Please feel free to add sites that are not listed here.

  1. The PreK/Kindergarten Wikispace! A wiki site intended for teachers and pre-service teachers in early elementary. For easy navigation, there are links to separate pages for each grade level up to Third Grade. Some other pages on this wikispace include Classroom Spaces, Reggio Invitations, Songs, Units, and Videos.
  2. This Wiki is for the students and parents of Mary McLeod Bethune Academy's Early Childhood Campus, specifically students and parents of Ms. Leavy's Pre-School class. The left side of this page has links to Ms. Leavy's classroom home page and blog.
  3. Paterson Abbott Preschool Wiki. Members of this Wiki include teachers and teacher assistants from the Paterson Abbott Preschools in Paterson, NJ. Additional Paterson Preschool Wikis can be found on this page.
  4. Little Paws Preschool classroom web site. At this site you will be able to find information about their program as well other links that may be useful to you.
  5. This wikispace addresses the issues that early childhood teachers confront when working with new technologies. It will examine the context of 3 - 8 year old students.
  6. Ms. Lee's 4th grade classroom wiki at Gudith Elementary. Here students and parents can check homework assignments, listen to classroom podcasts, and see the classroom calendar.
  7. Mrs. Gamble's Kindergarten Wiki. Contains links to the classroom web page, volunteer opportunities, conference information, and field trip information.
  8. Mrs. Miller's kindergarten wiki page. Contains information on classroom news, snack schedule, weekly spelling words, kindergarten handbook, links to favorite kid sites and pictures of the class.
  9. Ms. McIntosh's Kindergarten wiki site at Waterboro Elementary School in East Waterboro, Maine. Site provides you with useful information about our classroom, as well as some great kindergarten links.
  10. Miss Natalie's Kindergarten classroom wiki. This wiki is a way for parents to communicate. They can access school and classroom information, news, homework, as well as post a question you and other parents might have.
  11. Mrs. White's Kindergarten classroom wiki. Sidebar contains links to weekly kindergarten schedule, afternoon class schedule, links to kindergarten web sites, and the poem of the week.
  12. Mrs. Watson’s Kindergarten class wiki at Bloomfield Elementary School. Has pages for Daily Events, Weekly News, Class Pictures, Students Links and Contact Info.
  13. K-3 Teacher’s Corner. Wiki designed by Julie Chupalio. Other information that can be found in this wiki include: discussions related to K-3 education, resources for use in the K-3 classroom, K-3 activity ideas, and research.
  14. Mrs. Taylor's Kindergarten Class wiki where you will be able to ask questions, view homework and calendars, view student work and videos, and even plan class parties. An interactive site for parents.
  15. Wiki for Fruitland Primary and Pinehurst Elementary Schools created by Literacy Coach Jen! You will find a variety of activities related to reading for grades K-5 highlighted here.
  16. This wiki is designed to assist teachers with the use of Everyday Mathematics in their K-5 classrooms.
  17. Mrs. Cleland's Wiki space. Here you will find information pertaining to our music programs and what our Wooddale students are doing in music. Grades K-5.
  18. Online space for the students and teachers of Sheep Harney Elementary School to learn and collaborate. This site is updated by the students and teachers of Sheep Harney Elementary.
  19. Web site for Argonne Elementary, San Francisco, California. Contains information for prospective parents, events calendar, and newsletters.
  20. Edward Bush Magnet School (Public School 18) wiki site for quick information and discussion about the school and everyone involved in it. Ms. Karen Ford, Principal. Contains additional links to staff pages, as well as history of the school's namesake Edward Bush.
  21. Miss Gessner’s K-4 Music space. Contains information on upcoming events, classroom rules, forms, and helpful web sites. Grades K-4.
  22. Wiki site for Millikin Basics+, an alternative school open to all children in the Santa Clara Unified School District. Grades K-5.
  23. Dallas Primary School and Kindergarten wiki.This wiki is maintained by the staff at Dallas Primary School and Kindergarten. Grades K-6.
  24. Yeager Elementary School wiki. Wiki created as an online learning community to improve technology learning and integration on campus. Grades PreK-5.
  25. Clearfield Elementary School wiki site. Grades K-4. Contains teacher pages.
  26. Tech Coach Patti's wiki site. Contains links to calendar, interactive web sites, blogs, and other wikis. Grades K-5 Reading and Math.
  27. Zitman Elementary Music wiki site created by Mrs. Lehnhoff. Contains a teacher welcome to each class as well as some things that will be happening throughout the year. Grades K-5.
  28. Classroom wiki site by Eric McElroy, Third Grade Teacher at Swarthmore Rutledge School in Pennsylvania. Contains useful links for students and teachers.
  29. Elaine Habernig’s Technology Tools for education. Resources and links are available by grade level. Grades PreK-5.
  30. The Laurel Elementary Wiki home page. This wiki is a collaborative resource for Laurel School District teachers to share 21st Century teaching skills and share ideas about teaching.
  31. Mrs. Keck's Second Grade Classroom wiki site at Victory Elementary School. Contains links to classroom announcements, homework, school calendar, school supply list, and FAQ.
  32. Ms. Webster’s Class wiki site. Second and third graders in Southern California who are using technology to help share what they are learning with the world.
  33. Mrs. Speicher’s Kindergarten wiki. Check the links for reading words, a question of the week, classroom needs, and educational websites.
  34. Ms. B's Busy Bees Classroom Wiki. Contains links to additional information on classroom rules, homework assignments, resources, and internet safety.
  35. Turner Elementary Media Center wiki. Discusses the Library Media Program’s mission statement. Links for grades K-5.
  36. Mrs. Dalton's Third Grade class wikispace from Coleman Elementary School. Includes a teacher page along with student pages. Check out the webquest, sandbox, and resources page.
  37. Wiki for Parkway Elementary School, Frederick County, Maryland. Site contains pages for accomplishments, school statistics, community information, school handbook, closing and delay information, and much more. For grades PreK-5.
  38. Mrs. Petersen's First Grade wiki. Contains pages for class rules, class schedules, and class newsletters.
  39. the Teacher Mrs. Skinner’s Grade 3 wiki.
  40. RIDGE ELEMENTARY River Ridge Elementary online. Contains contact list for teachers. For students in 4 year old kindergarten to third grade.
  41. Mrs. King's wiki. Grades K-6. Music and Chorus.
  42. Mrs. Krista Jones' teacher wiki at Wilson Elementary. Contains pages for Class Announcements, Homework, Supply Lists, and Links to educational web sites.
  43. Wiki site by Mrs. Sarah Hughes, Kindergarten teacher at Moss Hill Elementary School in North Carolina. Site contains Important Reminders, Orientation Packet, Daily Schedule, Homework & School Calendars, Lunch Menus, and Photo Galleries.
  44. Mrs. Thompson's teacher wiki. Contains pages for Students, Favorite Books, Writing, Additional Links, and a section called Just for Fun. Subject: Reading.
  45. Mrs. Simpson's Second Grade class wiki. Take a look at the digital story they created. Contains subject pages for Math, Reading, and Spelling. There is also a page about the teacher.
  46. Ms. Lewis’s Kindergarten classroom wiki. Page was created to be both informative and interactive. Site contains pages for each subject - Math, Science, Reading, and Social Studies. There is also a page for information regarding field trips.
  47. to Kindergarten Wiki site for Cook Kindergarten. This site contains links to other teacher wikis. There are also pages for the Daily Schedule, Assessment Information, and additional Resources.
  48. Wiki by Mrs. Jean Thorpe, a Reading Specialist at Caley Elementary School in Pennslyvania. Wiki has links to additional resources and information about the teacher.
  49. Mrs. Ayers Kindergarten wiki site at Frederick Douglass Elementary. Check out the all the pages for information on what is going on in their classroom. Contains pages for parents and students.
  50. This site is dedicated to fellow colleagues and teachers who want to share ideas and teaching tips and work collaboratively.
  51. Wiki space by Kindergarten teacher Whitney Mercer. Contains teacher portfolio.
  52. This site is for the parents, family, and friends of Mrs. Magdos' First Grade class. Site contains pages for Class Projects, Events, Field Trips, Class Pets, and Podcasts.
  53. This wiki will be used as a virtual collaboration workspace. Kindergarten classroom at Gator Run Elementary in Florida.
  54. Wiki site for Kindergarten class at Saint Margarets School. Contains schedule, important dates, and daily routines.
  55. Mrs. Cook's Kindergarten Classroom wiki. The purpose of this web site is to have a communication tool for students and parents. Contains pages for weekly newsletters, upcoming events, class schedules, and class pictures.
  56. Mrs Metzger’s Second Grade Class wiki site. Click on the links to find out about our class, projects that we have done, notes about upcoming lessons and what homework we have this week. You will also find out information about the teacher, various policies, how to contact the teacher, and much more.
  57. Mrs. Wright's Second Grade classroom wiki.
  58. Wiki site by the Bloomfield Elementary Kindergarten staff.
  59. Mrs. Halsey’s First Grade class wiki site.
  60. Mrs. Howell’s First Grade at Bloomfield Elementary. Contains pages for announcements, rules and routines, daily schedule, supply list, and birthday wishes.
  61. Swartzel%27s Class Kinderplus, a wiki site by Mrs Swartzel at Bloomfield Elementary. Site contains pages for classroom rules, schedules, and links for students.
  62. Miss Ruttencutter’s Pre-K wiki site.
  63. McKenzie%27s Class Wiki site for Mrs. McKenzie's first grade class.
  64. This wiki site is a place for Mrs. Young's first grade students and their families to check out what they are doing in class, see pictures, get information on upcoming events, and be able to find out homework for the week.
  65. Miss Bulach's Third Grade classroom wiki at Babeck Elementary. This web site is a tool for her students and their parents to use for communications purposes.
  66. Mrs. Bowling's Second Grade Classroom wiki. Site contains pages for schedules, newletters, pictures galleries, student birthdays, and links for students.
  67. Mrs. Fryman's Third Grade classroom wiki. This wiki site is a tool to share information with students and their parents. Contains additional pages for classroom schedule, student birthdays, homework, picture albums, and rules and procedures.
  68. Ms. Jacquemin's Third Grade classroom wiki site. Contains various links to learn about the teacher, the classroom, the students, and see class pictures.
  69. Mrs. Spinner's Kindergarten classroom wiki.
  70. Room 210, a classroom wiki site by Mrs. Curry & Ms. Griffin. This wiki is a tool for students and their parents to use for communications purposes.
  71. Jesika and Hugo's wiki site. They are presently in their third year of their first international teaching experience and have been working at Korea International School.
  72. Ms. Armstrong's class wiki site at Riverchase Elementary. Site contains pages for newsletters, calendars, and student links.
  73. Penn Wynne Elementary School Staff Wiki. Contains pages with useful teacher websites and technology resources.
  74. Wiki site for the Sagebrush Computer Lab. Site contains pages for Reading, Math, and Science Activity sites. There is also a page with Book Talk Podcasts.
  75. Kindergarten classroom wiki from Lakeshore Elementary.
  76. Atlanta International School wiki site. Contains Brainstorming pages for each grade level (Pre-K through 5th) as well as Resource pages.
  77. Mrs. Snow's wiki. This is a space where the teacher stores and shares resources for workshops. Page contains link to teacher blog.
  78. Wiki space by Mrs. Pepper’s Third Grade class at Greene County Tech Schools in Arkansas. Site has pages for Classroom news, Homework assignments, Classroom activities, and the All-Star of the Week.
  79. Mr. Rickert's Third Grade class wiki for the 2008-2009 school year. Has pages for Thursday newsletters, class projects, and parent letters.
  80. Miss Hager’s Third Grade class at Deibler Elementary in Pennsylvania. Contains many useful links for students and parents.
  81. The purpose of this wiki is to foster communication between school and home. Contains a homework calendar intended for parents, a student corner, a parent corner, and a page for Third Grade Curriculum.
  82. Miss Taylor’s Third Grade Classroom wiki site. You can go to this wiki to find homework assignments, spelling words, forms, rubrics, and anything else that you may need for class. Site also contains a book log page for each student.
  83. WikiWhatley is the wiki for Mrs. Whatley's third grade class. This is our digital diary where we keep up with the various activities we are involved in. Contains many additional pages full of useful activities and websites.
  84. Miss Egitto's Third Grade classroom wiki. Contains pages for Homework and Upcoming Events.
  85. Mrs. Hill's Class Wiki. Contains class Vokis as well as pages for additional classroom resources.
  86. Jessie R. Simmons-Taylor is the Library Media Specialist at Vansville Elementary School which is the first green school in Prince George's County Public Schools.
  87. A community web site for teachers, students, support staff, and parents at Denali Elementary School in Fairbanks, Alaska. Site contains wiki pages for teachers.
  88. Mrs. Steinacher's Wiki Page. Check out the link to the classroom website.
  89. Mrs. Godsey's Wiki. Site contains a weekly newsletter and student showcase.
  90. Barker’s Point Elementary School Physical Education Program. Contains pages for Homework, Links, Games, and more.
  91. This is a wiki for the brave new-world educators of Deep River Elementary School. It will be a place for us to collect great links, ideas, and success stories as we become Navigators of the 21st Century Educational System!
  92. Wiki site for Horton Elementary School in Horton, Kansas. Wiki site contains pages for Class Activities, Parents, Resources, Staff, and Staff Information.
  93. Dr. Feeney's wiki site for Sheridan Elementary School! This is the place where they will post important items such as the Friday Flyer. They will also post links to other vital information concerning parent and district issues. See the Downloads link for the most recent flyers for additional information.
  94. Mrs. Hopkins' Second Grade classroom wiki at Wilson Elementary. On this wiki, students can Write stories, create math story problems, share information on science topics and experiments, discuss books you've read, keep a nutrition journal, and more...
  95. Patricia Johnston's international art teaching wiki.
  96. Wikispace by Kim Cofino, a Technology Facilitator working in international schools around the world.
  97. Teacher wiki by Kate Sullivan from the Korea International School.
  98. Welcome to Mrs. Salco's Wiki page! Check this space to find out what's going on in our third grade classroom and for links to educational websites.
  99. This is a space for Mrs. Broadhead's fourth grade class at Watwood Elementary School to keep up with class news, deadlines, and work with other students to gain an understanding of the fourth grade curriculum.
  100. Mrs. Hartgerink’s first grade wiki space at Rosendale Primary School.
  101. Mrs. Eve Trandem's K-2 Special Education wiki space. Very nice wiki site! Contains pages on: What is Special Education, Links for Parents and Students, School Calendar, Meet the teacher, and Meet the paraprofessional.
  102. Welcome to Mrs. Kilday's Spring Trail Wiki. This site is for students or parents to find different sites to go to for extra help, or to contact the teacher. Contains pages for Grades 3 through 6.
  103. Mrs King's Second Grade wiki space. Contains pages for training on: Integrating Technology, Using Wikis, Kidspiration, and SMARTBoards. Also contains pages for each student in the class.
  104. Welcome to Mrs. Doherty's Grade 3 Wiki Space. This site was created by to inform parents of their child's daily homework.
  105. Mrs. Mawhinney's Grade 4 Wiki space. With the increasing use of technology in schools and homes, I created this site as a complimentary communication tool for parents and students. This website will contain upcoming events, special classroom projects, homework, interesting educational links, writing examples for Grade 4 Provincial Literacy assessments.
  106. Mrs. Schoonover's 3rd Grade Wiki at Eugene Field School. Contains examples of student writing.
  107. Roberts’ Kindergarten Class wiki. Contains pages for Parent Letter, Homework, Calendar, Contact Info, About the Teacher, and Fun Activities Клиники Израиля.
  108. Mrs. Stratton's K-4 ESL wiki space. Here you will find some exciting and fun activities that will apply to both ESL and the World Language Program. Contains pages for K-4.
  109. Miss Hurley’s first preschool wiki. Check out the pages for Preschool Songs.
  110. Ms. Haygen's Classroom Wiki. Students, parents, and teachers are encouraged to visit this wiki to experience collaborative writing and learning. Assignments, discussions, study guides, projects, dates to remember, and important concepts are some examples of information found on wikis.
  111. Ms. Denton’s Reading Domain at Wallingford Elementary School.
  112. Mr. de Jong's Classroom Wiki for 3rd and 4th graders.
  113. Mrs. Gaur’s Second Grade Classroom wiki Wallingford Elementary School. Contains additional pages for Class Schedule, Homework, Websites for Parents & Students, Birthday Announcements, and School Calendar.
  114. W.H. Council Traditional School's First Grade Inquiry Page created by Ms. Susan Monday. Parents, care-givers and children can use this site for enrichment. Website links are posted to extend learning in the current units.
  115. Mrs. Rogers' First Grade Wiki Space. This is a place where we can all share our learning. Contains many additional pages.
  116. A 'Grape Bunch of Kindergarteners' at Johnson Elementary! Wiki site by Mrs. Bolton. Contains pages for Parent Handbook, Parent Notes, School Closing, School Calendar, and more.
  117. Hafida Becker's Virtual Learning Community. This online community is designed for the third grade team at Willow Creek Elementary and other invited guests to share valuable resources, websites, and files that will help raise student achievement while using technology. The goal is to help my colleagues immerse themselves into digital technology and to overall improve technology use and integration at WCES.