List of educational wikis

  1. Art Talk is a wiki for anyone who wants to share ideas for facilitating the understanding of and responding to visual art in the Kindergarten to College Classroom.
  2. Centers take up a large percentage of instructional time in most primary classrooms. It is important that your centers are both meaningful and engaging. Centers in my 1st Grade Classroom Classroom Library Writing Center ABC/Word Center Poetry Center Big Book Center Choice Centers
  3. This wiki is a meeting place to experiment with and exchange ideas about online mathematics education collaborative tools (some of those deal with K-3rd)
  4. This web wiki is a forum for the students, teachers, and parents of IIS
  5. The slide show above features pictures taken by the students of different plants in our environmental center. (5th grade)
  6. Welcome to the ACFT 5th Grade Science Wiki. We are glad you found us! Our class Wiki is a website designed to increase student learning and improve communication with families.(5th grade)
  7. Teacher: Justin White (
    School: Any , Clark County School District (Las Vegas, NV USA)
    Description: A site where teachers can upload lessons, units, and videos of best practices.
    All resources can be searched by keyword, grade, content area, curriculum, and NV standards.
    Topic: Lesson Plans, Units Plans, Best Practices, etc...
  8. Teacher: Colette Cassinelli edtechVISION
    Description: A comprehensive collection of VoiceThread examples from students and teachers of all ages and groups. The purpose of this wiki is to gather examples of how educators are using Voicethread in their classrooms (or for professional development) and to share those examples. (K-6th)
  9. Teacher: Tyson Spraul
    School: Twin Chimneys Elementary, O'Fallon MO U.S.A.
    Description: A classroom website under continuous revision. Mostly used for classroom management at this point, but will also be used for publishing student work. Created with pbwiki.
  10. Teacher: Mr Pearce
    School: Bellaire Primary School, Geelong VIC Australia
    Description: Students in Geelong, Australia building a "choose your own path" story. Collaborative Storytelling where students contribute based on certain instructions they have been given to create a story together.
    This Wiki is bought to you be the students of Grade 3-4 at Bellaire Primary School in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It is the adventures of a tennis ball called Terry. Our teacher, Mr Pearce, started the story on the 29th of April 2006 and we have been adding to it since.
    To follow the adventures of Terry read the story in the black text and then choose from the blue links underneath each section of the story to see what happens next. If you get to the "end" of a section you can always choose to use the "Back" link to go back. If you want to go back to the start of the story then just use the BACK TO THE START link in the navigation on the side.
    Most of the changes that have been made, have been made by the students in middle p and are often unedited so they may have alternate spelling, (wikispaces doesn't have a spell checker yet), or not be punctuated as closely as adults might do this. We hope that you will overlook any such errors and enjoy the adventures of Terry the tennis ball.
  11. Teachers: Suzie Vesper
    School: Muritai School and eight others, Wellington, NZ
    Description: This wiki is a resource for the teachers within our cluster of schools. It has year group spaces for the teachers working with the same level of children containing great links for the age group and ICT integration ideas appropriate to the age group. It also has a media centre with great videos for education as well as a number of other resources. Topic: Teacher resource site.
  12. Teacher: Samuel Jackendoff [user: jackendoff]
    School: Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pittsburgh, PA USA
    Description: This site is for the teacher-librarians of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and teacher-librarians from other districts, to share lesson plans for teaching Information Literacy and library skills.
  13. Teacher: Samuel Jackendoff [user: jackendoff]
    School: Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pittsburgh, PA USA
    Description: This site is for the teacher-librarians of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and teacher-librarians from other districts, to share lesson plans for teaching Information Literacy and library skills.
  14. SD36IMLExamples - Information and Media Literacy Examples from School District #36 Teacher: Kevin Amboe
    School: Surrey School District, Surrey, BC
    Description: This space has been created to become a resource of examples of integration of technology in our district. Teachers are invited to add their examples of student work from their own class projects.
    Topic: Information and Media Literacy Student Examples
  15. Teacher: Lynne Crowe
    School: Te Awamutu Intermediate, New Zealand
    Description: Wiki for students and teachers in our school (probably 5th grade??)
  16. Teacher: S. Webster
    School: Roosevelt Elementary
    Description: Wiki for students (3-5) to share what they are learning about.
    Topic: Multiple Subjects (English Language Learners)
  17. Teacher: Jan Abernethy (Blog)
    School: Greenville Area School District, East Elementary
    Description: A wikispace created by 5th grade class in Greenville, PA in an effort to make a difference in their community. The goal is to expedite the cleanup process of a hazardous waste site located next to the school
    We are a fifth grade class in Greenville, Pennsylvania. There are three schools in Greenville: Hempfield Elementary (K-3), East Elementary (4-6), and the Greenville High School (7-12). There are about 125 students per grade, and about 380 students in our school. Greenville is a rural town, and if you listen to our podcast below, you will learn even more about our town. Our class loves technology! We have classroom computers, a mobile lab, a smartboard, a projector, a karaoke machine, web camera, microphone, scanner, iPod, iPod recorder, Bose iPod speaker dock and more! Our favorite thing to do is Skype! We love to Skype to younger students and share our classroom pets with them or teach them things we are learning. We also love to Skype older students and adults and play "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" with them. We are looking forward to this project and we can't wait to meet all of you. If you want to learn more about us, please click on some of the links above.
  18. Teacher: Tom Barrett (Teacher Blog)
    School: Priestsic Primary School, Nottinghamshire, England
    Description: Space for colleagues at this school to collaborate, author and discuss key school policies, development plans and other documents.
  19. Teacher: Tom Barrett (Teacher Blog)
    School: Priestsic Primary School, Nottinghamshire, England
    Description: Year 6 Class - 10/11 year olds.
  20. Teacher: Kathy Cassidy, Grade 1/2
    School: Westmount Elementary, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Description: My students wondered what 1000 looked like, so we are collecting 1000 names.
    Other Wikis: Our Favorite Foods Graph, Our Dinosaur Wiki, Our Collaborative Hockey Story
  21. Teacher: Mrs. Sheftel -- Centennial, CO
    School: Carl Sandburg Elementary School
    Description: A class wikipage where parents and students can access information about what is happening in the classroom. We have a homework page where homework information is posted, a link page where students can find game links and informational links about the units we study in the classroom, a page where student work is posted for parents to see, a poll page where students can respond to weekly post during the school year. Also (just added) a Just for Teachers page. On this page you can find a list of helpful links that you can use in your classroom with your students!!
  22. Teacher: Jon Mundorf
    School: Tommie Barfield Elementary School, Marco Island, FL, USA
    Description: While studying Universal Design for Learning (UDL) at Harvard during a summer institute, I learned about the importance of creating flexible materials that are accessible to all students. I designed a classroom Weblog ( and a classroom Wiki
    ( as a way of introducing his students to a new technology while at the same time using a medium that is flexible and accessible.
  23. Jay Monson School: Nettleton Magnet School, Duluth, MN, U.S.A.
    Description: Welcome to Mr. Monson's Grade 5 Classroom Wiki. Each month of the school year there is a question for our world audience to answer. New this year are entries called "Write Green". They focus on climate change and ways to help our world, countries, cities and local lives.
    Our goal is to reach at least one thousand answers for each month of the school year. We use this wiki to share our thoughts, get ideas for writing, learn geography from around the world, collaborate with others and read the thoughts of others. Remember to be responsible, respectful and safe as you reply to our page. Thanks for taking the time to make the world smaller to us!
  24. Teacher: Terry Smith - Project Site
    School: Eugene Field Elementary, Hannibal, Missouri USA
    Description: We use the wiki as a place for participant intereactions during this multi-school project. Schools each describe one part of the overall monster, then all schools use the combined descriptions to create monsters and display them in their schools. The goals are communicating with students far away, using our imaginations, teamwork, compromising, and expressing ourselves with poetry, stories, audio, and video.
  25. Teacher:Disa McLean District:Otago, New ZealandDescription: This is my classes wiki, the students are year 2 and 3 (6,7 and 8 year olds). It is an example of how to use a wiki with youngerchildren. I have linked this to my action research page which explains my journey with the wiki space and links to various parts of the site. I hope that it is helpful to others.
  26. Teacher: Cindy Bode District: Woodward AcademyDescription: Created by third graders during a unit study of pioneers and the westward expansion.
  27. Teacher: Michelle Eckstein School:Gifted Kids NetworkDescription: Examples of student work in the Gifted Kids Network Topic: Science and Social Studies grades 3-8
  28. Teacher: Beverly Koopman (Classroom Blog)School: Discovery Elementary, Buffalo, MinnesotaDescription: This wiki is designed as an interactive space for students who record their daily assignments, collaboratively write wiki-books andengage in discussions about books they have read and enjoyed. Feel free to contribute! Go to the blog link to see posts about classroom happenings, or to listen to podcasts done during a monthly Senior Citizen/student collaborative writing project.(5th grade)
  29. Teacher: Jan Abernethy (Blog)School: Greenville Area School District, East ElementaryDescription: A wikispace to showcase the work of a 5th grade class in Greenville, PA
  30. Teacher: Kim Cofino (Teacher Blog) School: Mont'Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Description: Grade 6 students learning about the human body open their own "online medical clinic."
  31. Teacher: Kimberly Brown (Class Blog)School: Haultain Community School, Grade 6 & 7, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Description: I will be using this space for collaborative research projects, story telling, math and science problem solving. I invite other middle years students and teachers to add to our wiki pages.
  32. eacher: Tom Barrett (Teacher Blog)
    School: Priestsic Primary School, Nottinghamshire, England
    Description: I would like this space to be somewhere that allows students, teachers and other colleagues to share classroom based resources and ideas for Google Earth.
  33. Teacher:Susan Nisan
    School:Keyes to Learning Charter School
    Description: This space was designed as a model for a workshop of Core Knowledge® teachers new to wikis and will be used by those teachers to collaborate on K-8 lesson plans.
    Teacher: Mark Ahlness School: Arbor Heights Elementary, Seattle WA U.S.A.
    Description: Just starting out. May well replace school web site.
    This is a wiki created by a 4th grade teacher. This is also the richest class wiki I've seen. He updated the wiki often. Some interesting posts there.
    For instance, in a sub-page: I guess kids created the interview questions, and the teacher's friend answered those (kind of interaction) and then posted the wiki. Very interesting. They used many photos compared to Wikipedia/ wikibooks.
    Description "This will be the site used for a holiday collaborative project with 2nd and 3rd grade classes across the nation. We will complete 3 collaborative projects during the 2008-2009 school year." They have about 3-4 teachers with 20 students each.
    See the wiki links on the left hand side of the page linked above.
    Maria Knee, winner of the award for best Kindergarten teacher from ISTE last year is one of the best. She uses a wiki and is known as one of the best.
    Susan Silverman has a lot of wikis in this area and is also an expert - she works with younger kids.
    This Fall's Wiki project -
    Jennifer Wagner has TONS of experience at this level and I'm sure will be very helpful. Some of her project are linked.
    Bob Sprankle - Tech Integrator in Maine K-4 does amazing work. I think he also has some wikis.
    The PreK/Kindergarten Wikispace! A wiki site intended for teachers and pre-service teachers in early elementary. For easy navigation, there are links to separate pages for each grade level up to Third Grade. Some other pages on this wikispace include Classroom Spaces, Reggio Invitations, Songs, Units, and Videos.
    Wiki page for Mr. Evan's fifth grade class. Space for the class to post homework assignments and collaborate on projects. Wiki was designed to also serve as a place for parents and students to look at each other's work and make positive contributions. Has links to students pages and class projects.
    Mrs. Oro's Sixth Grade Math Web Site. This site was created to keep her students and their parents informed about the sixth grade math class. Site contains information about the teacher, office hours, class conduct, and letters home. School: Saint Michael School, Cranford, NJ
    Mrs. Robinson's Class wiki site themed Team Robinson. The site contains pages for class schedule, information About the Teacher, School Calendar, and Spelling Words. School: Granite Elementary, Grade 5.
    Mrs. Kim Webster's Sixth Grade Math and Science wiki page. Site has separate pages for Math and Science Lesson Plans, as well as pages for the teacher, the School Calendar, the class Supply List, and a special page on a class recycling project.
    Ms. Elisabeth Therrian's 5th Grade wiki site at Babeck Elementary. The site contains pages for Classroom Rules, the Class Schedule, the Class Calendar, Parent Letters, Resources, and a page called "Ask the Teacher."
    Mrs. Kim Brown 4th Grade wiki site titled Brown's Boxers. This wikispace was designed to enhance students' learning experiences while preparing them to be technologically proficient for the 21st century.
    School: Canyon Pointe Elementary School, Tomball, Texas
    Ms. Bowden's fifth grade social studies class. A teacher wiki site with pages for podcasts, class blogs, and school calendar.
    School: Huetown Elementary
  49. Wiki: Blackhill
    Teacher: Calvin Tromp
    School: Black Hill Primary
    Description: A primary (elementary) school in Ballarat, Australia. We are experimenting using ICT having upgraded computers and installed IWBs. This site is planned to show teachers what wikis can do. We have linked some classroom wikis to it and other resources.
  50. Wiki:LitSource
    Teacher: Cori Belle
    Description: A place to share lesson plans and ideas related to teaching reading and writing in grades K-8. I've begun this wiki as a place to gather teaching resources and share them with former colleagues and new friends. I hope that it will grow into a place of collaboration and rich discussion about teaching literacy.
  51. Wiki: Mr Tromp's Grade
    Teacher: Calvin Tromp
    School: Black Hill Primary (Elementary)
    Description: Black Hill is a primary school in regional Victoria, Australia. We are a school of just over 500 students. As ICT Coordinator my challenge is to explore and model the potential new technology can have for classrooms. Wikis, along with Delicious, are two Web 2 applications I am promoting to teachers. We also have Smart Boards in every teaching space. Check out my grade's wiki which I am using to foster home-school communication and as a way for kids to publish their work. Let me know what you think.
  52. Hockey Drills for Kids